Orthodontics refers to treating and correcting the way teeth bite together. In a proper bite, the cusp teeth of the upper jaw align with the fossa teeth on the lower jaw. Nearly everyone has an orthodontic issue and different alignment problems are common. Sometimes jaws and teeth are too far back or too far forward. When the upper teeth extend substantially over the lower teeth, it is an overjet. When the opposite occurs, where the lower teeth are more forward than the upper teeth, it is an anterior crossbite.

In a proper bite, the upper jaw teeth should be slightly wider than the lower jaw teeth. When the upper teeth are too narrow and can’t properly fit together with the bottom teeth, it is a posterior crossbite. Sometimes the teeth just don’t overlap properly which leads to bite problems.

In addition, to bite problems, there may be issues with teeth positions. Even though a proper bite is correct, teeth can still be misaligned, crowded, or have excessive gaps. A missing tooth will cause neighboring teeth to drift into the empty space. We can help you achieve the proper alignment and aesthetics for your smile.

Follow this link to read orthodontics frequently asked questions.

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